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Wave Unlocks Opportunities


Here at Wave, we're committed to helping you proactively create a cohort of brand partners that you can call upon for your future marketing needs.

Need a brand that represents your values for a social media giveaway? Got it. 

Need a brand to create a unique new experience for your customers? Check.

How about a brand to introduce your product to a new audience? Double check.

No more hours upon hours of last minute partnership searching. Simply view your personalized brigade of brands and reach out to the brands that meet your need.

Why the name "Wave"?

To wave at somebody is an international gesture to say "hello", whether it be waving to an old friend or greeting a passerby. It's a simple, non-committal, and friendly introduction. That's exactly what we are providing to brands.


Wave introduces you to brands that align with your partnership goals. After Wave curates a personalized list of brands for you, select the brands that you would like to work with, and message them directly to build your partnerships.

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